Interpreting and translating services

Language is very important to providing optimal patient care.

Interpreters and translators provide a service for patients, carers and clinicians to help you understand each other when you do not speak, understand or read the same language.

  • Interpreters support you with spoken language by explaining what the healthcare professional is saying in a language that you understand. They can also convey your thoughts back to the healthcare professional so that you are able to provide any information you need to and ask any questions you might have.
  • Translators support you with understanding written content, for example by providing you with an information leaflet in the language of your choosing.

We work with a range of interpreters to offer face to face, video and telephone interpreting in a wide range of languages including British Sign Language. We also work with translators to translate any written content that requires translation.

If you require interpreting or translation services, please speak to one of our colleagues or contact

Working with language interpreters and translators positively impacts on health outcomes, improves patient experience and reduces communication barriers between practitioner and patient. It has been shown to improve safety with respect to diagnosis and prescription. We are committed to providing high quality, equitable, effective healthcare services that are responsive to all patients’ needs.