Keep well this winter

We all play a part in helping people living across our communities get the support and care they need over the winter months.

We know that more people may need to use our services over the coming months, due to winter bugs, people’s existing conditions getting worse in the cold, and the expected increase in the rates of both flu and COVID-19. We also know that the cost of living crisis could have an additional impact on some people’s health and wellbeing, which may mean more people need greater support and care.

We work with other health and care organisations to plan and prepare. However, we cannot do this alone.

Help us help you

  • Make the right choice by understanding the services available to you. Please use the right service for your needs.
  • Stay well over winter by looking after yourself and asking for support when you need it.
  • Look out for your neighbours, relatives and friends to help them stay healthy and seek help if they become ill.
  • Stay protected by getting your flu and COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as possible, if you are eligible.
  • Respect health and care staff and remember they are trying to help you and others as quickly as they can.