Tinnitus at its most basic it is the perception of a noise in the head or ear which has no external source. You can visit the British Tinnitus Association for further information.

The Audiology team at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust include audiologists who specialise in helping patients understand their tinnitus and in supporting them in the management of the tinnitus.

This support can include:

  • the fitting of hearing aids when appropriate
  • the fitting of white noise generators, previously known as maskers
  • signposting to other equipment and digital technology
  • an opportunity to talk with someone who understands the experience and its effect on well-being
  • signposting to other therapies

The majority of patients are referred to us via the ENT department.

The first step to referral is to see your GP to rule out any simple causes such as occluding ear wax.

Your GP will then decide which the most appropriate referral pathway is.