Hearing aid help and repairs

The Audiology service can’t offer a walk-in Hearing Aid repair service at the moment, so please do not attend our sites, instead please follow the instructions below to get your hearing aids repaired.

How to get your hearing aid repaired

All ESHT Audiology patients can have their hearing aids repaired by sending them to the Audiology Department, via a recorded/signed for delivery service. The Audiology team will repair/service your aids and send them back to you via a recorded/signed for delivery service.

Our aim to have most repairs sent back by the next working day after receipt (excluding Fridays), where possible, but due to demand this cannot always be guaranteed.

For batteries and tubes please send a self-addressed envelope to us with your details (standard post).

Please do not

Please do not send your hearing aids using the normal post or attempt to deliver them to an audiology unit – we are not liable for any loss or damage to your devices that are not sent via a recorded/signed for delivery service.

Please do not attend any of the Audiology sites to bring a repair in or request batteries or tubes. All attendance at all our hospital sites is controlled to ensure safety of patients, authorised visitors and staff, you will not be seen by the Audiology team.

About your NHS hearing aid

Hearing aids are provided to you by the NHS and remain the property of the NHS for the time you are a patient, this ensures that they can be serviced, maintained and updated as appropriate. If you lose your hearing aids the current (as of 2019) charge per aid £86.40.

This charge must be paid before new aids can be dispensed to replace lost ones.

There are certain exemptions to lost aid charging and your GP or medical practitioner would need to provide details of this to audiology.

To arrange for replacement aids please contact your local audiology team who can advise of an appropriate time for the replacements to be programmed and dispensed.

Hearing Aid Repairs (Changes have happened to this service please see information above)

Your hearing aids need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that they deliver the sound to your ears effectively.

These sessions are for the repair of hearing aids, re-tubing and basic maintenance only.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your hearing aids are kept clean. Should you need fine tuning (i.e. and adjustment to the sounds/volume of your hearing aids) this cannot be carried out at a repair session and you should book an appointment (up to 6 weeks from fitting) with one of the audiologists.

We operate specific repair clinics at both Eastbourne and Hastings as well as booked repair clinics. Battery provision and routine retubing can also be carried out by our dedicated volunteers.

There are general maintenance and repairs that you can do at home to ensure your hearing aids give you the best possible service. There are some self-help videos below, please ask one of the audiology team if you would like spare to be able to retube your hearing aids yourself.

Whistling Aid?

A very common problem for hearing aid users is a whistling sound known as ‘ feedback’. This can be caused by a blockage in the aid, tubing problem, poor fit of the aid or a build-up of wax in your ear canal.  A help video is shown below.

If you are prone to wax build up and you are coming to audiology, please have your ears checked for wax before attending , in some cases excess wax means tests and examinations cannot take place.

Changing the earmould tubing

Hearing aid care - open fit hearing aids

Hearing aid care

Insertion and removal of your open fit hearing aid

Self help and advice videos

These videos are kindly made available to us by C2 Hear Online. Full videos and further information can be found – clicking here

With any of these videos, if you are unsure or have problems please contact the audiology department.