We recommend you do not drive to your eye screening appointment as your pupils will be dilated to enable us to take photographs of the back of the eye, and this causes blurred vision for up to six hours afterwards.

If you cannot use public transport and do not have friends or family available to bring you, you may be able to arrange for volunteer community transport or make use of the patient transport service.

Unfortunately, we cannot book transport on your behalf, this must be done directly with the transport providers.

Community Transport

Community transport provides services in areas where either:

  • there is no public transport
  • existing public transport can’t be used – like if you need wheelchair access

Community transport is non-profit. It is developed by local people to serve their needs. Services may be provided by different vehicles. This depends on the needs of the community. Most do not run to a timetable but respond to requests.

There are several community transport schemes operating in East Sussex whose destinations include hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Community transport can be used by everyone in the community. Some operators only carry selected groups. You can use the links below to contact operators in your area to see if you could use the service.


FlexiBus is a flexible, on-demand rideshare service, for areas with limited or no bus service. Residents can book a FlexiBus journey to their nearest town, train station, hospital and other key destinations. For more information visit their website FlexiBus | East Sussex County Council