Bedwetting (enuresis)

Bedwetting is very common and often runs in families.

Most children will grow out of wetting the bed by the age of seven, but we can offer advice and support to help resolve the problem. We are also able to refer you or your child onto additional services if the problem doesn’t get better with simple adjustments.

Simple adjustments can help prevent bedwetting:

  • give your child enough water to drink during the day (aim for 1200ml)
  • make sure your child goes to the toilet regularly, around four to seven times a day, including just before bedtime
  • give rewards for positive actions, such as a sticker for every time they use the toilet before bed
  • use waterproof covers on their mattress and duvet
  • make sure they have easy access to a toilet at night
  • do not punish your child – it is not their fault and can make bedwetting worse
  • do not give your child drinks containing caffeine, such as cola, tea and coffee – this can make them pee more
  • do not regularly wake or carry your child in the night to use the toilet – this will not help in the long term
  • avoid drinking squash or juice containing blackcurrant as it can irritate the bladder

Useful resources

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