Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI number Request
23/208 Cardiology Staff
23/207 Trust Training Provided to Clinical Staff - Medical Devices
23/206 PET CT Scans
23/205 Trust Services for the Elderly
23/203 Tech contract expiry
23/202 Frameworks
23/199 Information Systems
23/198 Nitrous Oxide/Entonox Personal Sampling
23/196 Maternity Gas and Air
23/195 Finance Solution
23/194 Patient Trolleys/Stretchers
23/192 Treatment of Breast Cancer
23/191 Nursing and Care Off-Framework Usage
23/190 Patient Level Costing system and Integrated Data Platform
23/188 EPRR Patient Care and Support Services
23/186 H.Pylori Testing
23/185 3D Printing
23/184 British Red Cross Contract
23/183 Payments of NHS Trust Suppliers
23/182 Meetings with Member of Parliament