Visiting guidance

Visiting is welcomed and encouraged in a careful and managed way to meet patient need while maintaining a safe environment for all.

Visiting information

Visiting hours are 2pm to 8pm daily with an individualised approach where required.

Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19, or feeling unwell, should not visit

Visits are limited to a maximum of two poeple at the bedside at a time

No visitors are permitted for the first 24 hours post surgery unless agreed as an exception

Patients may be accompanied where necessary to assist their communication and/or to meet their health, care, emotional, religious, or spiritual care needs

Where a face-to-face visit is not practical, a virtual visit can be supported, please contact the ward directly for details

Visiting for maternity and children’s services is different, please see details below.

Maternity and neonatal units

Once a pregnant person is in established labour, two birth supporters will continue to have access to the Conquest Delivery Suite or Eastbourne Midwifery Unit (EMU)

One birth supporter per pregnant person between 7am and 11pm. We respectfully ask that you are as quiet as possible when entering and leaving the unit during the early morning and late at night

Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19, or feeling unwell, should not visit

We ask that children are not brought to the ward or outpatient appointments

For further information and advice please speak to the midwifery team on your admission

Children and young people

Parents/siblings/grandparents/guardians are welcome to visit by appointment as agreed with the nurse in charge

Only one parent/carer resident can stay overnight due to limited space and the need to access emergency equipment by the bed space