We are smoke free

We are a smoke free trust.

Smoking, vaping or using e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere on any trust site, including in outside areas or in vehicles, to protect the health of the people using and working in our services.

Smoking is also prohibited in private vehicles while on trust property.

Our smoke free policy applies to all patients, visitors, staff, volunteers and contractors.

We know that smoking is the single greatest cause of preventable ill health. As a healthcare provider we have a responsibility to promote healthy lifestyles, reduce smoking prevalence and protect everyone from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Support for patients and staff who want to quit smoking
Stopping smoking is single most beneficial thing you will ever do for your health. It’s never too late to quit. Support for anyone who wants to quit smoking or stop while receiving treatment is available across our trust. Patients can also be referred to the East Sussex Stop Smoking Service, One You East Sussex, for further support. People who attend a stop smoking service are four times more likely to quit smoking successfully.

Every patient is asked about their smoking history to help us give them better care. Many patients use their admission as an opportunity to stop smoking and improve their health. Patients who let us know that they would like to stop smoking at any point during their stay or treatment, can be put in touch with the stop smoking nurse and offered nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

People that wish to stop smoking are strongly advised to also seek support from local community smoking services to ensure they get all the support necessary to help them to quit. Support to stop smoking is also available from GPs.

There are lots of resources available for people who want to quit smoking: