What to expect when you come into the Delivery Suite

If you have any concerns around your pregnancy please call our Triage Helpline Tel: 0300 131 5341

On arrival you will be taken into a room and be met by the Midwife who will look after you and she may also have a Student Midwife with her.

They will take a history from you to find out what has happened before you came in and what is happening now. The Midwife will then carry out the following checks:

  • Blood pressure, pulse and temperature check.
  • Test urine.
  • Palapate (feel) your abdomen to determine your baby’s/babies position.
  • Listen to your baby’s/babies heartbeat – either just occasionally after a contraction, or if indicated a continuous heartrate tracing.
  • Feel and monitor the strength, frequency and length of contractions.
  • If necessary do a speculum examination (look inside the Vagina) to confirm if your waters have gone.
  • If necessary do a vaginal examination to confirm if in labour and to check progress.

Depending on how you and baby are, if you have any medical or obstetric problems and how the labour progresses it may be advised that some other tests, interventions and procedures are undertaken. You may also meet and be cared for by a Doctor alongside the Midwife if there is any indication.

Your Midwife will care for you throughout your labour, supporting and encouraging you during and after the birth of your baby. You can then either choose to go home from the delivery suite if all is well with you and your baby.

You can also stay for additional support by our team of midwives and maternity support workers on our postnatal wards, Frank Shaw Ward at Conquest Hospital if you feel you need the support.

If the midwife/obstetrician/paediatrician advises extra monitoring/support for a time after your baby is born is necessary. The team will always discuss with you in the event, the reasons for an how long is recommended you stay with us for.