Philosophy of Care

If you have any concerns around your pregnancy please call our Triage Helpline
Tel: 0300 131 5341

We will treat women and their families with respect by:

  • Introducing ourselves and giving an explanation of our role
  • Giving an explanation of the care planned in appropriate detail and language (recognising that all women are different with different needs and levels of understanding)
  • Ask for permission before beginning any procedure
  • Have respect for other team members and their roles
  • Have respect for partners

Ensure confidentiality by:

Gain your/your family’s permission when disclosing or documenting sensitive information, where appropriate. Give clear and concise information about the purpose and use of data collection.

Empower women and their families by:

  • Giving women access to information which will enable them to make informed choices
  • Be honest about expectations and developments during care episodes
  • Give consistent information to women to ensure trust in the service
  • Recognise previous experience may influence future choices
  • Given information without exerting pressure to follow the ‘right way’
  • Ensure you feel supported with the choices you make
  • Give you/your family the power to change course where appropriate and to request alternative carers
  • Make you aware of your environment (ward layout) and the facilities available

In return we ask that all women and their families during the service treat the health care team with respect by:

  • Keeping antenatal appointments (or letting us know if you are unable to keep them)
  • Letting us know if your address changes (or if you will not be at home when your midwife has arranged to visit)
  • Participating in your care by giving some thought to the choices you have during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby and discussing this with your midwife
  • Addressing any disagreements or complaints concerning your care through the appropriate channels (The Trust cannot tolerate aggressive behaviour towards staff under any circumstances)
  • Giving some comment or feedback about the care you have received in writing and/or considering giving some time to a local ‘focus group’ which helps us to plan and provide ‘women and family centred care’ (if you would like to know more about focus groups please ask your midwife).