Senior Midwifery Team

Senior Midwives provide professional leadership, support, advice and guidance on practice issues.

In addition, encouraging further development of midwives skills and knowledge, to ensure compliance with their professional body and the standards set within (Nursing and Midwifery Council, The Code 2015,) whilst also maintaining safe practice.

Senior Midwives can offer guidance and support for you and your family:

  • Support and advise you and your midwife in your care choices, e.g. place of birth
  • Create an environment that facilitates effective communication
  • Listen and act as advocate if there are concerns about the standard of care received
  • Discuss and debrief with you if you are unhappy about your birth outcome or treatment – if you have had a difficult or traumatic birth a senior midwife can go through your notes and discuss your experiences with you.

A Senior Midwife is available 8am to 5pm every day and can be contacted as follows:

0300 131 4500 and ask for the Senior Midwife