Choosing a place of birth

If you have any concerns around your pregnancy please call our Triage Helpline
Tel: 0300 131 5341

Your community midwife will discuss options for place of birth with you during your antenatal appointments. You may know where you would like to give birth at your first appointment but most women need to think about this and discuss options with their partner, family and friends. You may make this decision at any stage during your pregnancy.

What are my options?

Consultant Led Unit
An acute hospital unit where care is available from midwives and maternity support workers, obstetricians, anaesthetists and paediatricians. In East Sussex this service is provided at Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

Home birth
A community midwife can come to your home and care for you while you give birth.

Midwife Led Unit (MLU)
A facility where you can give birth; receive antenatal and postnatal care from a team of midwives and maternity support workers. In East Sussex this service is priovded at the Eastbourne Midwifery Unit at Eastbourne DGH.