Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT)

Our Service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment to adults in East Sussex with acquired communication, voice and swallowing difficulties.

We deliver therapy to both inpatient and outpatient settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation units and the community.

Speech and Language Therapy team

Why would I be referred to Speech and Language Therapy?

You may be referred to us if you or someone looking after you feel there is a new or recent difficulty with swallowing food or drink, or talking.


Community Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) Adult referral excludes:

  • Mental health – where mental health is the primary diagnosis
  • Learning Disability
  • Congenital disorders
  • Developmental Dysfluency
  • Communication intervention for those with a diagnosis of dementia
  • Under 16s

For Dysphagia – the team accept referrals from any trained healthcare professional (e.g GP, nurse, dietitian).

For communication – the team accept referrals from everyone including self-referrals.

Referrals should be sent via a secure email to:

If you have recently attended Dysphagia Awareness and Mouth Care Matters training please complete the evaluation form below:

Dysphagia Awareness and Mouth Care Matters Training feedback

How often will I be Seen?

Patients are seen according to their needs. Some patients are seen weekly whilst others may need to be seen daily. Patients with severe problems swallowing, especially those that are not able (or safe) to eat and drink at all will be given greatest priority.

Family Involvement

It is very useful to have information and involvement from the patient’s family or carers and we encourage this at every stage.

Community service

Referral to our community services is via:

  • GP, nurse or other health professional
  • We are not able to provide therapy for communication difficulties related to Dysfluency and Dementia within the community services. If patients require input for this, they can contact the Association of Speech and Language Therapist in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) website at helpwithtalking.com to find a Speech and Language Therapist who can help.

Speech and Language Therapy News

Dysphagia Awareness Sessions for nursing and care home staff:

Our Community teams are based at

Centenary House
Avenue House
1A The Avenue
East Sussex, BN21 3XY

0300 131 4541

Speech and Language Therapy - Centenary House team

Irvine Unit
Bexhill Hospital
Holliers Hill
East Sussex, TN40 2DZ

0300 131 4419 / 0300 131 4415

Speech and Language Therapy - Bexhill Irvine Unit team

Our Hospital/Head and Neck Cancer teams are based at

Conquest Hospital
Eastbourne DGH

Speech and Language Therapy - Head and Neck team

0300 131 5016

0300 131 4670