Swallowing Difficulties following a Stroke

Speech and Language Therapists assess, diagnose and manage swallowing disorders (known as dysphagia) associated with Stroke.

Our aim is to identify those individuals who are at risk of aspiration (the inhalation of food / fluid into the airway) and to ensure that eating and drinking is safe and sufficient. It is helpful for us to be involved in care at an early stage as we contribute to the diagnosis and management of swallowing difficulties.

We will provide information about the results of assessments, agreed oral intake and any appropriate swallowing strategies. Further investigation, e.g. videofluoroscopy, may be required (a videofluoroscopy is a moving x-ray image of swallowing which can be an important diagnostic tool for the assessment and management of people with swallowing difficulties), or FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, which is a procedure used to examine the nose and upper airways).