Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
18/623Zoledronic Acid Coding
18/617Number of Patients Discharged During the Night
18/616School Nurses Employment
18/606AHP HSS Spend
18/603Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
18/600Gift Hospitality
18/599Electronical Medical System
18/593Annual Spend
18/591Accommodation Provision
18/590Children Treated for Alcohol Dependence Misuse
18/588Services and Payment by Results
18/587Records Management
18/586Flexible Endoscope
18/585Loans and Returns of Hospital Equipment
18/583Procurement Team
18/582Flexible Endoscope
18/576Brazilian Butt Lift and Cosmetic Surgery Complications
18/575Growth Hormones
18/574Sanitary Products