Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
19/281Treatments Within The Past 6 Months
19/276Radiology & Ultrasound Equipment
19/269Escalation & Core Beds 1st May
19/264Obstetric Recruitment & Obstetric Training Accreditation
19/263Non-UK Staff
19/259Phlebotomy Policy
19/255 Coal Burning
19/253Hospital Charging Regulations 2017
19/252Intrauterine Growth Restriction
19/242Deaths & Autopsies 2017-2018
19/241MRI & CT Scans
19/240Fat Shaming Complaints
19/239Overseas Patient Tariff Charge
19/238Phishing & Scam Emails
19/237Conquest New MRI Build
19/236Unplanned Admissions for Neuromuscular Patients
19/233Public Sector Pipelines
19/232Job Descriptions for Support Workers in Maternity
19/231Paediatric Audiology
19/229Overseas Visitors Managers