Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/391Covid 19 ESHT Staff
20/389Financial Ledger System
20/388Exception Reports
20/387Diagnostic Healthcare Commissioners
20/386Radiology Images and Exams
20/385Biologic and Biosimilar Product Prescribing
20/384Mental Health Beds
20/383Staff Job Titles
20/382Drug Treatments For Severe Asthma
20/381Roles Within The Trust
20/380Patient's With No Fixed Abode
20/3795FU Toxicity
20/377Elective Surgery For Elderly Patients
20/376Glaucoma Surgical Procedures
20/375Ventilator Related Specified Parameters
20/374NHS Staff Deaths From Coronavirus
20/373Reverse Mentoring
20/372Second Opinions
20/371Risk Management and Compliance IT Systems
20/370Subject Access Requests (SARs)