Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
21/063Cancer Patients
21/062Mobile Telephony Contract Details
21/053Treatment of Neurology Patients
21/050Fatigue and Facilities Charter
21/049Contracts with Arconic and Kingspan
21/048Covid19 Deaths
21/046Fax and Operating Systems
21/044Biologic and Biosimilar Products within Rheumatology
21/042Rota Supplier
21/041Video Consultation
21/040UV Disinfection Technology To Prevent HCAI
21/039Treatment of Haemophilia B and Bevacizumab
21/038Video Consultation
21/037Sexual Orientation
21/035Evacuation of retained products of Conception
21/034Clinical Coding and Patient Admin
21/033Dermatology Surgery
21/031Received Funds