Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/369Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services
20/368Purchase Ledger
20/367Treatment of Asthma
20/366Interpreting and Translation Service
20/365Hospital Acquired Covid-19 Infections
20/364Insulin Pump Service
20/362BAME Staff Networks
20/361Protocols and Policies for Pressure Sores Ulcers
20/360Policy and Procedures for Pressure Ulcers
20/358Maternity Services - Covid
20/357HR Outsourcing
20/356Trauma Stores Employees
20/355Orthodontic Services
20/354Cancer Patients Treatment
20/353Staff Comparison Pay Rates
20/352Local Area Network (LAN) Environment
20/349A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions
20/348Trip or Fall Admissions