Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/304PPE Contracts
20/303Delirium Assessment Tool
20/302Cataract Surgery
20/301External Led Review
20/299Disciplinary Action required Against Staff
20/298Orthotics, Podiatry and Vascular Therapy Products
20/297Apremilast- Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
20/296Employment Verification
20/295Order Sets & Care Plans
20/294Food Waste Generated by The Trust
20/293Surgical Care Practitioners
20/292Operating Theatre Equipment
20/291Lone Worker Solutions
20/290Hand Sanitiser
20/289Ethnicity of Senior Trust Staff
20/288Personal Protective Equipment
20/287Pathology & Radiology Systems
20/286IT Spending
20/285Ophthalmology Annual Budget
20/284Finder’s Fees’