Latest visiting restrictions by hospital

To help us keep our patients, staff and visitors safe, stop the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), visiting restrictions are in place – please see click here for the latest information

Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/216Apprenticeship Provision
20/214Immigration Skills Charges
20/206Hospital Retail Outlets
20/205Acute Beds & Mortuary Services
20/204Fit Tests for Masks and Respirators
20/202Doctors Training
20/196Medical Device Repair
20/194Sleep Apnoea
20/193Nurses Anxiety/Stress/Depression Leave
20/192Agency & Bank Spend
20/191Legal Department Email Address
20/189Maternity Services
20/186Corona Deaths in DGH
20/185Department Locations
20/183Hysterectomy Procedure
20/182HR Changes
20/181Neonatal Glycaemia