Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/150Trac Systems E-recruitment
20/149Cannabis based Products for Medicinal use
20/148Surgical & General specialist beds
20/147Drugs Patient Level Contract Monitoring
20/146Electronic System - Pre-operative
20/144NHS Ablation Policies
20/142Bereavement Services
20/141Postal Information
20/140Hymen Repair Surgery
20/139Diagnostic Pathway Demand
20/138Diagnostic Pathway Demand Model
20/137Diagnostic Pathway Demand Model
20/136Diagnostic Pathway Demand Model
20/135Diagnostic Pathway Demand Model
20/134Obesity Mapping
20/133Never Events
20/132Collection of Prescription
20/131Security Seals
20/130Racist/discriminatory behaviour from patients against staff
20/128Bed blocking