Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/086Data Sharing and Data Skills
20/085Ophthalmology Injectors
20/084Payments for Emergency Care
20/082Prescribing in Neuroscience
20/081Overnight Medical Staffing
20/080Mental Health and Cancer Patients
20/079Overseas Visitors
20/078Bereavement and End of Life
20/077Staff and Agency Information
20/076Outpatient Services
20/075Contacts for Capital Projects and Estates Teams
20/07426 Week Choice
20/073Health Records
20/072Iron Infusions and Patient Product Breakdown
20/071Fertility LGBT
20/070Wrong Route Medication Administration Never Events
20/069NRFit Epidural Anaesthesia Connectors
20/068Ophthalmic Devices
20/067Radiology Service Provision