Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/066Pre-Printed Stationery
20/065Trust Directors
20/064Learning Management System
20/062Staff Recruitment
20/060Straight to Test Pathways
20/059Patient Group Directive
20/058Cancelled Children’s Operations
20/057C-Arm Equipment
20/056Royal College Report
20/055Bladed Object Incidents in Hospitals
20/054Prescribing in Rheumatology
20/053Network Access
20/052Caring Corridors
20/051Venous Thromboembolism Treatment Protocol and Volumes
20/049First Aid Training and Mental Health Training
20/048Recording Advance Decisions for use in Medical Emergencies
20/047Calibration/Service Records for ECT Machine(s
20/046Protocols Relating to Diagnosis and Treatment of Suspected Gallbladder Cancer
20/045Dermatology Biologics