Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/459Maternity Unit Complaints
20/457Adult Allergy Services
20/456Products used for Antiseptic Skin Preparation
20/454Abdominoplasty Surgery
20/453Treatment of Head & Neck and Renal Cancer
20/452Whipple Procedure and Liver Transplantation
20/451PAS, EHR and Task Management Systems
20/449Patient Trolleys
20/448Clinical Service Incidents
20/447Tier 3 Weight Management
20/445Covid-related Capital Bids
20/443Heart Attack Patients
20/442Managed Print Services
20/440Healthcare IT Systems Validation
20/439 Violence Prevention Teams Audit in A&E Departments
20/438Catering Contract Conquest Hospital
20/437Trust Policies Relating to Care in Labour