Freedom of Information (FOI) Disclosure Log

FOI numberRequest
20/436Ophthalmic Equipment
20/434Estates and Facilities Departments
20/433Pest Control Call Outs
20/432Trauma Stores
20/431Charging Policy & Monitoring (Overseas Visitors)
20/430Consultant Job Planning
20/429Data Security
20/428Intra-vitreal Injections/Implants
20/426Treatment of Lung Cancer
20/425Ultrasound Imaging Devices
20/423Coronavirus Transmission in Hospital
20/422Multiple Sclerosis
20/421Healthcare Agency & Bank Spend by Discipline
20/420Bank Workforce & VMS Arrangements
20/419Complaints & Racism
20/418Cancelled Operations
20/416Trust Staff Uniform
20/415Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions