Duty of candour

If something goes wrong for patients whilst under the care of the NHS, patients and their relatives must be informed in a timely way by that organisation.

This is known as the ‘Duty of Candour’. It is important we acknowledge when things go wrong, and ensure we learn from them to prevent them happening again where possible. We take the safety of our patients very seriously.

If something goes wrong for a patient in our care we will:

  • Advise that an incident has occurred giving a truthful account of all the facts that are known, and apologise (this does not mean we accept liability) that this has happened
  • Discuss what further enquiries will be undertaken by the Trust
  • Record this information appropriately in a timely manner.

A letter containing the following information will be issued:

  • An account of the information that was verbally delivered to you or your relative
  • A detailed account of any further enquiries that will be undertaken
  • The results of any enquiries already