Building for our Future

The Building for our Future programme will transform the environment in which we provide care for patients in East Sussex.

It will be a complete redesign of our ageing hospitals, taking advantage of new technologies and improvements in healthcare to ensure that we can meet the future needs of our population.

Plans for our hospitals

If we are successful, there will be no part of our hospital infrastructure left untouched. Our extensive plans over the next decade include significant refurbishment, and in some cases partial rebuilding, of our three hospitals in Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings.

Alongside creating additional inpatient wards and improved parking facilities, our plans include expanding our emergency departments at Eastbourne and Hastings, improving access to cardiology and ophthalmology services, and redeveloping outpatient, theatres, endoscopy and diagnostic services.


Get involved and have your say

An investment of this scale is substantial and we will need to work with you our local population, members of our staff and the many different partners we work with, to prioritise where this investment is needed most or where it will make the biggest difference. Listening to our patients, staff, local community and stakeholders is a key part of our planning for this programme.

Our feedback survey will be used to test our thinking and help shape our plans further.

Therefore we want to hear from you. What do you think of our plans? Do you have any questions? Please use the feedback form to have your say:

What will remain the same?

There are a large range of factors that must be taken into consideration with such a large building project across the three hospital sites, some of which are considered non-negotiable. All decisions have been made to meet the current and future needs of our population, and to improve care outcomes, particularly of older people.