National Joint Registry (NJR)

The National Joint Registry (NJR) monitors the performance of hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement operations to improve clinical outcomes for the benefit of patients, clinicians and industry.

Consultants at the Trust who perform joint replacement surgery

Conquest Hospital

Mr Buchanan
Shoulder and Elbow

Mr Butler-Manuel
Primary and Revision Knee

Mr Dunning

Mr Ganesan
Primary Hip

Mr Keast-Butler
Primary and Revision Hip

Mr Pearce
Primary Hip and Knee

Mr Thakral
Shoulder and Elbow

Mr Willmott
Ankle and Primary Hip

Eastbourne DGH

Mr Armitage
Primary Hip, Primary and Revision Knee

Mr Bonnici
Shoulder and Elbow

Mr Hoskinson
Primary Knee, Primary and Revision Hip

Mr Rose

Mr Skyrme
Primary Knee, Primary and Revision Hip

Number of joint replacements

At Conquest Hospital we will perform in excess of 700 joint replacements and at Eastbourne DGH we will perform 400 per year

Below is a breakdown of activity for 2021: (N.B these numbers were significantly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Conquest Hospital activity

National Joint Registry - Conquest activity

Eastbourne DGH activity


The Trust has been awarded the Data Quality Award for four consecutive years for both Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH.

The ‘NJR Quality Data Provider’ certificate scheme was introduced to offer hospitals a blueprint for reaching high quality standards relating to patient safety and reward those who have met registry targets in this area. In order to achieve the award, hospitals are required to meet a series of six ambitious targets during the audit period.

One of the targets which hospitals are required to complete is compliance with the NJR’s mandatory national audit aimed at assessing data completeness and quality within the registry. The NJR Data Quality Audit investigates the accurate number of joint replacement procedures submitted to the registry compared to the number carried out and recorded in the local hospital Patient Administration System. The audit ensures that the NJR is collecting and reporting upon the most complete, accurate data possible across all hospitals performing joint replacement operations, including Conquest & Eastbourne. NJR targets also include having a high level of patients consenting for their details to be included in the registry and for demonstrating timely responses to any alerts issued by the NJR in relation to potential patient safety concerns, if necessary.

The process developed at this Trust starts in our pre-assessment clinics with our Nursing Teams discussing the NJR with the patients and obtaining consent from the patients to partake in the registry, NJR proformas are completed in theatres by the operating theatre teams, collected by our Data Entry Officers, and entered onto the national database.  Following completion of the entry the proforma NJR are filed back into the patient’s medical notes for scanning. Any anomalies that are identified are managed by the Data officers to ensure that entry is a completed to the highest standard.

Cross referencing of data is carried out continuously and these processes have ensured that ESHT have been recognised as NJR Quality Data Provider.