Thank you messages

Here are some extracts, from the many messages we receive, about the care we have provided.

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Olga Tanda, Pharmacist, Epilepsy clinic

Thank you so much for listening to me during every clinic appointment. You offer very clear, concise and accurate advice that I always heed. Our appointments never feel hurried and you have the most wonderfully relaxed manner of dealing with patients. Thank you once again.

Seaford ward, Eastbourne DGH

I want to express such great compassion and care shown to my friend who died last week on Seaford ward. I was with him for long periods before he passed and cannot tell you how much care went into looking after him, me and other friends whilst we were there. The staff went over and above their duties and made the whole process easier. The epitome of the NHS! Thank you so much.

Emergency Department, Eastbourne DGH

I visited after a fall and suspected my wrist was broken. Seen quickly and sent for an x-ray which confirmed it. The whole process was about an hour with a follow up appointment the next day. The care and courtesy of all staff involved was exceptional and I cannot thank them enough.

Emergency Department, Conquest Hospital

Alisha and Mohamed were both very pleasant, reassuring and efficient after I visited A&E, following being thwacked in the eye with a branch. Always a concern with an eye injury, but I was in and out within two and a half hours, with reassurance and medication. Brilliant work.

Secretary to Mr Khalili, Bexhill Hospital

A very big thank you to the amazingly prompt response to my concern that there was not any appointments for tests requested by Mr Khalili before he next saw me.

I left a message on the extension advised and a very few minutes later was called back. I explained the situation and shortly after that had an email from Patient Knows Best with an appointment for the appropriate tests. What a wonderful service; so impressive, thank you.

Emergency Department, Conquest Hospital

I would like to send a personal thank you to the wonderful Beth who is a HCA that looked after me in Conquest Hospital last week. Beth treated me with compassion, dignity and care. She helped me, listened to me and made me feel like I was being cared for and understood. Thank you Beth, you really are one of a kind.

Mary, Reception, Conquest Hospital

Today after my daughter’s appointment, I overheard an older man talking about having lost his bankcard and two staff members were advising him on what to do.

Mary was very reassuring and offered the man some money from her own pocket to make sure he had enough money to get himself something to eat and a cab home as his wife was receiving treatment on a ward.

The man asked her where she worked and her response was “don’t you worry about where I work, you just concentrate on your wife getting better” and with that she offered him a seat and went off to get him a hot drink.

You all already do a wonderful job, but Mary went above and beyond and was so lovely to a stranger that it really goes to show there are some truly amazing people out there.

Gynaecology - Conquest Hospital

I would like to thank you Nurse Practitioner N Williams for how you dealt with me. Not only did you spend the time to fully explain the procedure to me, you were so kind and considerate when you could see how apprehensive I was.

Throughout my time with you, I felt in control of my treatment and fully informed. I would also like to thank your team who also have a big part to play in making me feel relaxed and as assured as possible.

You guys really did make a difference to my experience and I am glad to say it was much, much less painful than I ever imagined and I am sure that is down to you. Thank you once again.

Dr Mubashar Manzoor, Conquest Hospital

I am writing to express my thanks to Dr Manzoor for his care of my daughter, in the Emergency Department on Friday 5 January. We had waited many hours to finally be seen, it was the early hours of the morning, and Dr. Manzoor was brilliant. He immediately set us both at ease and was very professional, kind, and funny too. His approach in treating my daughter was so caring and he explained everything clearly and carefully.

You would not have known he was in the middle of a very busy night shift, with loads going on in the A&E and we are both very grateful to him and to the other staff that supported him they were so professional and kind too.

Richard Ticehurst and Cookson Devas wards, Conquest Hospital

I wanted to send a huge ‘thank you’ to the staff in the Richard Ticehurst and Cookson Devas wards. My mother was transferred to the Conquest from the Eastbourne DGH in mid-November. Sadly, on 17 December, she passed away, but my family and I wanted the staff to know how much we valued the care and consideration she was given while at the hospital.

The dedication that the staff showed to her welfare made her final days more bearable and it was a comfort to know after each visit that she was being looked after so well.

McDonald ward, Conquest Hospital

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all the staff at the Conquest Hospital. A special thank you to the staff on McDonald Ward who cared for me and really tried so hard to reassure me and get me home as soon as possible. I feel the staff took great care and I really appreciate their devotion to doing a good job.

Jubilee Eye Suite, Eastbourne DGH

Referral made my local optician. I was seen at the appointment time, there was no waiting. Every member of staff was charming, hugely helpful and gave a thorough explanation of what the particular procedure was.

The doctor was very thorough and went out of her way to ensure my understanding. Well done every one and thankyou.