Thank yous

Here are some extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services about the care we have provided.

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Breast clinic-Conquest Hospital
Excellent service all round from point of referral to the breast clinic at the Conquest Hospital. Consultation, mammogram, ultrasound, cyst aspiration and follow up all completed efficiently in around two and a half hours. Staff all lovely and very caring which made me feel at ease. Could not ask for better.

Gardener Ward-Conquest Hospital
I came in for a surgery and was on Gardener Ward. Despite being extremely short staffed and under pressure, Tara who took my observations greeted me, could not have been more attentive, making me laugh and putting me at ease at a worrying time.

Then I had a little meltdown when walking to theatre, many tears and the nurses got me warm blankets, gave me tissues, and were just so comforting. Joy, the anaesthetic nurse was there when I was cannulated and again, distracted me, held my hand and was so calming and took away my fears. She explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable. I honestly could not have asked for a better group of staff on that day and I believe they are a credit to the NHS. So just a huge thank you.

UTC staff-Conquest Hospital
I wanted to say thank you so much for the care and treatment I received at the UTC. I reluctantly attended as I know how under pressure you all are but was advised to by 111. It was so busy but the staff team from reception to clinicians were nothing but kind calm and professional.

My doctor was very thorough, explained everything in a clear and warm manner, also the nurse who helped to take blood samples as I have tiny veins. Absolutely lovely and cheery, I have never used the service before and hope it remains that way as I hope to maintain good health but if I do, I will know I am in safe hands. Thank you so much.

Emergency Department-Eastbourne DGH
A very big thank you to the staff of Eastbourne A&E Department following advice from 111 I went to the Emergency Medical unit with a very painful right leg. The triage nurse dealt with me efficiently and professionally and I saw the doctor within two hours of arriving at A&E, the doctor was understanding, kind and very professional and treated me as a concerned patient.  I could not ask for more. Thank you.

Emergency Department-Eastbourne DGH
I had occasion to come to the Eastbourne DGH and just wanted to say a massive thank you to both the doctors that I saw in A&E and the team in general. I had to attend with a sudden eye issue and I was treated by all with great respect, dignity and efficiency.

I know that you are all under huge amounts of stress right now but your professionalism and kindness is truly amazing and shines through. Thank you so much again for your help.

Maggi Bennett Tomlin-Conquest Hospital
Thank you for your excellent care and time today. You looked after me when I was feeling vulnerable and unwell.  You are amazing at your job and the hospital are very lucky to have you as part of their team.

Cookson Attenborough ward-Conquest
Spent a week there. The care and attention was amazing the same with all the other departments I had dealings with from the consultants, theatre staff, physiotherapy, occupational health and by no means last the pain team especially amazing. Big thank you.

Urology Department-Eastbourne DGH
I have to leave a review as I have had continually good treatment from the Urology Department at Eastbourne DGH. From receptionist to the nurses that deal with my Flexi-Cystoscopy’s. The doctor was so patient, so calm and reassuring, so professional. I feel so unlucky to have a cancer and yet so lucky to live in Eastbourne where I receive this fantastic treatment. Thanks so much.

Conquest Hospital
I had a gastroscopy in the endoscopy unit yesterday. I cannot praise the staff enough they were all so kind and supportive. Being a little nervous, they completely put my mind at ease and looked after me brilliantly. The anaesthesiologist even checked on me afterwards. Amazing,

Kipling SSU-Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to thank you to the nurse, trainee paramedic and the HCAs that made my sons treatment just a little easier for him it was much appreciated and for being friendly, kind, and compassionate.

Venesection Team-Conquest Hospital
Very good, kind, efficient and friendly care from an excellent team; always a pleasure to deal with them.

Conquest Hospital
Following a complication arising from inguinal hernia repair surgery at Conquest, having made contact expressing my concern I was admitted on to the Richard Ticehurst ward (SAU) on the afternoon. I had corrective surgery to fix the problem the following day and was discharged the following day.

A sincere thank you to everybody involved in my treatment and care. From Dr Ahmed Elmoraly and all the theatre staff through to each and everybody on the ward. Your compassion and caring shines through in everything you do. You all do great work and should be very proud. The hospital is clearly a very busy place but I was treated as if I was the most important person in the building. Thank you all so much.

Radiology team-Eastbourne DGH
Came in for a scan the whole experience was positive: from the kind, helpful woman on reception who offered help to my wife when she came to pick me up, to the caring radiologists and the friendly member of staff who spoke to us afterwards.

I did not have to wait and everything was so quick, I did not even have to pay for the car park. We know you are under a lot of pressure and that you are not always able to give the care and service you would want to. We thought it was important to let you know when you give people a great experience like you did for me. Thank you.

Paediatrics Orthopaedics-Eastbourne DGH
A massive thank you to Lucy who was absolutely incredible with my daughter this morning. She made it feel like it was a really casual conversation rather than a consultation. Asking her lots of questions about what she likes doing, favourite topics at school and was just really on her level in terms of the conversation.

She spent time explaining to her about the different bones in her feet, getting up images to show her and really sparked her interest into what could be causing her pain.

We did not feel rushed, answered my daughter questions and mine and provided really thorough care on the spot including an x-ray and a follow up care plan. A thank you again to Lucy, what a fabulous person you are and how lucky the NHS is to have you.

Conquest Hospital
Just to say what an enjoyable appointment I had with you.  Everyone was so helpful and in good humour. From the reception staff to B2 and C2 waiting areas, and the Doctor and two nurses, who assisted whilst I had a little friend removed. Thank you.

Venesection Team-Conquest Hospital
I have been having venesection now for just over a year. From day one when I was so nervous up until now, Sally has been my rock and somehow she has got me through it. She has literally been my angel and I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am as there are no words. She is just so incredible and strong, funny too and love her dearly for what is she has done.

Conquest Hospital
I would like to say thank you to the team in the breast surgery clinic at Conquest and the associated radiology team. The whole process was smooth and painless. The whole team were very friendly and kind; they are doing a great job.

Bexhill Hospital
I had an appointment for a visual field test on a Sunday morning, I am extremely grateful to all the staff involved for working weekends to enable patients to be seen quickly. It is very worrying to be called for extra tests and being able to have them carried out promptly, without waiting weeks, is very helpful.

Emergency Department-Eastbourne DGH
I wanted to say how amazing all the staff were at Eastbourne DGH when I came into A&E with acute abdominal pain. There was a long wait as they were obviously busy but I was triaged quickly and bloods taken and a sample and eventually seen by a doctor who confirmed I had colitis and would be admitted overnight.

All the staff even though they were busy were so cheery and professional; I watched them greet people in such a comforting way and shouting out names repeatedly to find people in the packed waiting room.

I was so well cared for and everyone was so amazing I had to write and say how wonderful they all are. I had absolutely no complaints or faults.

Amazing quick discharge and even a lovely phone call to check I was ok at home. Incredible NHS and hospital. Please pass on my many thanks to them all.

Richard Ticehurst SAU-Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank the team at The Richard Ticehurst SAU for the care they took to make me comfortable during my recent stay in the department, I would like to especially thank nurse Dong for the real care and compassion for her patients it made a real difference knowing she was there for me.  Thank you so much.

Devonshire Ward-Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank everyone on the Devonshire Ward for the wonderful care they gave to my daughter. We have had several admissions and they welcome us with open arms. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and they all work so hard.

The doctors, nurses and housekeeping are all so caring and make difficult circumstances more comfortable. I cannot thank them enough. My daughter wants me to give special thanks to Lisa and Phoebe who make her feel so happy when she feels so poorly. Thanks to a wonderful ward.

Olga Tanda-Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank Olga, Lead Neurology Pharmacist, who has been so supportive to me in respect of my daughter who has severe Epilepsy. Olga is so knowledgeable on medication and goes over and above when I need medication urgently for my daughter. I needed a blood test form for a medicine level check and Olga emailed me the form and put it on the system for the GP surgery.

Olga always expresses her concern and support for my daughter. As a parent of a young person with multiple disabilities, it is so refreshing to get support without having to constantly battle. Thank you Olga. I really appreciate you and all that you do.

Cardiac Unit-Conquest Hospital
I was admitted to the Cardiac Unit. I was not anywhere near the level of illness of my fellow patients so whilst I was put through the same thorough regime I felt very much a fly on the wall.

It soon became very apparent that the whole team on the ward was bright, attentive, professional and providing the patients with first class medical care.

Such a caring team should congratulated on the way that they handled a diverse number of patients with individual demands. Your hospital should be very proud of this unit.

Dr Chan-Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank Dr Chan for showing genuine interest and care for me as an individual. Due to having a previous pre-term birth, he carried out various tests to check on my current pregnancy and provided me with reassurance that everything was progressing as normal. I feel like he went above and beyond.

Hailsham Ward-Eastbourne DGH
Just to say thank you to everyone involved in my treatment in the Hailsham ward, the surgeon who carried out the procedure, the anaesthetists and the porters and cleaners, are brilliant, professional people who make the NHS so superb. Thank you.

CT Department-Eastbourne DGH
Always kind, friendly staff , I had a CT scan and was looked after by the Cardiology and Radiology staff. I have always been touched by how kind the Eastbourne DGH staff are and my experience was as good as ever. Was especially impressed by the Cardiology Sister who treated me just like a friend. We patients really do appreciate your kindness.

Edgerton Ward-Conquest Hospital
I am writing regarding our friend, who was admitted to Edgerton ward following a nasty fall at home. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all the ward staff, medical team and others who were involved in his care. I had impressed upon everyone that, although I am his next of kin, I have mobility and health issues, which meant I could only organise and support in a limited way.

All concerned took on board this immediately and his care was dealt with very professionally by staff, while keeping me informed at all times and asking for my help when necessary. I particularly would like to thank Lisa, Robin’s Occupational Therapist, and Danny from Adult Services, Kate from People’s Choice Sussex, who organised cleaners and Dave and his team who cleaned and tidied his home. They all worked very hard to get things done so that he could safely be discharged back home. With much gratitude to everyone concerned.

Halisham Ward-Eastbourne DGH
I have been really scared of hospitals since having a childhood operation but both Ruth and Katie made me feel really comfortable on the ward when I had a tonsillectomy and I felt the most relaxed I have been in a hospital in a very long time.

Natalie APNP-Conquest Hospital
A extra big thank you to Natalie APNP on Kipling ward.  She went above and beyond to help us when my son was poorly, we felt listened to and involved in all aspects of his care, she was understanding of our concerns and done her upmost best to explain things to us in a way we would understand.

Natalie went above and beyond to call us the next day to ensure we understood what was happening and to ensure we had managed to get our sons medication.  We understand the trust is under immense pressure but with staff members like Natalie we still felt safe and very well looked after.

Emergency Department-Conquest Hospital
I had occasion to take my daughter to A&E at the Conquest. She suffers from cerebral palsy, has no use of her limbs and is registered blind. She receives all her fluid, medicine and nutrition through a peg in her stomach. On several occasions, this peg has come out and it requires swift action to replace the peg before the hole in her stomach begins to close. This is a straightforward procedure provided that a stopper has been inserted ASAP. As was the case on the date in question.

We attended Conquest, where an ENP called Desmond Parkinson inserted a new peg in a matter of minutes. On this latter occasion, we arrived at 8.30pm, and were seen by the A&E reception, the triage nurse and the surgeon and were able to leave by 9.30pm, with a new peg inserted. The surgeon was a very kind lady who spoke to my daughter in a very caring and sympathetic manner.

My thanks go to her, to Desmond and to all the A&E staff for their professionalism and kindness during our visit. Thank you again for making the experience comfortable for my daughter, who has spent more than enough time in hospitals during her lifetime.

Conquest Hospital
A huge thank you to Faith at Conquest Hospital for her care and compassion when I was admitted last weekend after having multiple seizures. Amongst an amazing team of people who all looked out for me, Faith shone and I will forever appreciate her presence. I hope that I will not be seeing you soon, keep up the amazing work.

Emergency Department-Eastbourne DGH
I attended A&E due to an eye injury at work. I just wanted to leave a little review to say thank you to the two separate nurses that saw me, the one who saw me first to take my pH levels and book in the eye doctor, and the second lady who gave me an eye flush out. Also a big thank you to the eye doctor who rectified the problem very quickly.

After over hearing the conversation between the first nurse and the eye doctor on the phone regarding waiting times and how busy they were that night. I just wanted to show my appreciation to everybody involved as they were incredibly busy and I think they did exceptionally well. I know Eastbourne A&E get a lot of unfair criticism for there waiting times but being in there myself it was clear to see how hard everybody works. Thank you so much guys.

Emergency Department-Conquest Hospital
I wish to express mine and my wife’s extreme appreciation of the extremely high stand of care and attention, which I was given, when I had to self- present at the Conquest A&E Department in the early hours.

Having had an episode of a severe case of urticaria, falling short of anaphylaxis, I was immediately taken through to resus, and within minutes I had been cannulated and had bloods taken, and been given IV medications to treat my symptoms.

Fortunately, due to the swift action by the clinicians, my symptoms soon started to improve, thereby allowing me to be well enough to be discharged home later the same morning. The staff offered us drinks, and were always more than happy to answer any questions.

Despite the department being extremely busy, we noted how calm and quiet it was, both in resus and in the major treatment area, where I was taken to once my symptoms had settled. No loud phones ringing, and the staff talking quietly, showing consideration to the patients. It was also evident how the housekeeping staff pay attention to detail regarding the cleanliness of the department. Thanks again.

Rachel-ENT secretary and Nicola Breas-Cancer secretary-Eastbourne DGH
Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to deal with worries and appointments, I had two guardian angels helping me when I mostly needed help, they walk many extra miles to help and I love to say thank you so much.

Doctor in UTC-Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank the doctor who was working in the Conquest UTC who saw my daughter. When we saw the doctor he was very friendly and informative, he did the necessary checks on my daughter, asked for a urine sample and was told to just knock on the door when we were finished. After we went back in, he tested the urine, confirmed an infection and prescribed antibiotics. We were in and out of the appointment in about 20 minutes, which I am extremely grateful for especially as it was a 3 hour round trip.

As mentioned he was very friendly, was good with my daughter at explaining he needed to do some checks and an examination on her and was very respectful. My daughter said to me when we left ‘he was a very nice doctor’. For me this was a stressful situation but was made a little bit better by this doctor and for that, I wish to pass on my heartfelt thanks.