Patient experience

Patients, families, significant others and carers hold unique vantage points as expert witnesses to care. We know that their judgements are informed as much by the care they witness others receiving as the care they receive themselves.

For most, experiences of care are mixed: few are wholly good or wholly bad. East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust wants to make sure improving and innovating patient experience is central to everything we do.

We launched a plan built around eight commitments that emphasise that patient experience is everybody’s business without exception. Quite simply, it is the aim of this Trust that all patients, families, significant others and carers are treated with respect, dignity, compassion, courtesy and honesty.

Our workforce will be the vital players in making our exciting and innovative Patient Experience Strategy feel real for you – this is why we have included a commitment to improve staff experience; to improving workplace cultures and improving staff well-being.

We are introducing new ways of learning from how patients, families, significant others and carers feel about the care they receive. We will use this information to develop pathways of care that are excellent from start to finish.

Our staff are rightly proud of the high quality of services we provide; patients and families frequently tell us how much they appreciate the care they received. But we also know we can always do better.

For more information, contact our Patient Experience Team:

0300 131 4559