Medical Students

We welcome Medical Students from King's College London, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and other Medical Schools.



We are an Associate University Teaching Trust, closely linked with Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and King’s College London (KCL) with regular rotations for 3rd, 4th and 5th year Medical Students on attachment, hosted here at ESHT. We are dedicated to working in partnership with the Medical Schools to develop excellent doctors for the future.

The students undertake their placements at Eastbourne District General Hospital or Conquest Hospital, Hastings and are supported by the Undergraduate Team consisting of sub-deans and a team of programme administrators.  At both hospitals students are provided with a varied timetable of activities offering many opportunities to achieve curriculum objectives.

During the summer months we also offer placements to international medical students and medical students from other UK medical schools.  For further enquiries please email :


Transition to Foundation Programme (TTF1 / F0)

We currently provide Transition to Foundation 1 Programme (TTF1) / F0 placements for medical students from both Kings College London (KCL) and BSMS who have already undertaken their finals.  The aim of this placement is to ease worries that you may have about starting work as a junior doctor and to make the transition from medical student to Foundation Year 1 doctor as smooth as possible.  They will spend the majority of their time on the wards shadowing the current FY1s, cementing the learning they have received to help them enter the Foundation Programme as safe, efficient and resilient doctors with excellent team working and triaging skills.

The Undergraduate Team are committed to providing an excellent learning experience for all medical students.  Our RESUS Team offer ILS Training.  Read some feedback comments here.

We look forward to welcoming you!

If you are a Year 3, 4 or 5 Medical Student, you will be supported by a robust team of Consultants and Doctors in a variety of specialties, Resus and Simulation Teams and Admin and Pastoral support from the Administration Team.

Each of our Medical Education Centres  boasts a 90-seater  Lecture Hall, various seminar rooms with video conferencing facilities, a “State of the Art” Simulation Suite and a 24 hour Library.

Our Education Fellows also provide bedside teaching, virtual on-call sessions, simulation and clinical skills teaching.  Students are often invited to attend other teaching and learning events aimed primarily  at other students or junior doctors, thus enabling you to receive maximum learning whilst at our Trust.

Undergraduate Admin Team

Role Eastbourne Conquest
Programme Leader Cross Site Luisa Tomasetti
Programme Administrator KCL Year 5 Angela Geoghegan
Julie Deeprose
Programme Administrator BSMS Year 3 Angela Geoghegan
Julie Deeprose
Programme Administrator BSMS Year 4 Julie Deeprose
Programme Administrator BSMS Year 5 Julie Deeprose