Information for LAS FY1 and FY2 Doctors

Welcome to East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

The Medical Education team are predominantly here to support doctors in training, however we are happy to provide information and support to Trust LAS doctors where we can.

LAS Doctors above Foundation Level will need to speak to the Specialty Lead for their department to gain contact details for the relevant Royal College – to support their eportfolio requirements. We are only able to support LAS trainees filling either FY1/FY2 vacancies only on eportfolio – Horus. We also do not support agency locum staff in this regard.

We receive many queries from LAS FY1 and FY2 Doctors and have therefore put together some Frequently Asked Questions for you below.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation Programme Administrators – Anita Todd (Eastbourne DGH) and/or Harriet Catt (Conquest Hospital)

Please note that the months of June and July tend to be extremely busy for Medical Education so the level of support we are able to offer during those months will be limited – we therefore advise making contact asap.

As a LAS FY1/FY2 can I have an ePortfolio?

From August 2017 we believe that LAS Doctors will be able to use the Horus ePortfolio. Please go to the Horus Support site here: further information. Specifically please refer to the sections on what you can and cannot use the ePortfolio for. Please contact Anita and Harriet as above should you wish to register to use Horus – as they will need to set up an account for you. You will need to provide an email address that you check regularly (preferably

If you do not use the ePortfolio we would encourage you to compile your own paper portfolio. We can provide you with downloaded copies of most ePortfolio forms. You can then print these forms for your paper portfolio.

What should I include in my paper portfolio?

Anita and Becky can provide you with a guidance and timeline document usually given to FY1 and FY2 doctors in training. This outlines which forms, supervised learning events (SLE’s) and meetings need to be included and when.

What is the Foundation curriculum?

The FY1 and FY2 doctors in training have to cross reference all of their ePortfolio forms (evidence) to the Foundation curriculum. By the end of their year they have to be able to evidence that they have covered all syllabus areas within the curriculum. We would therefore recommend that you do the same with your paper portfolio. The curriculum can be found at as well as further advice and guidance on completion of SLE’s and other forms.

Do I have an Educational Supervisor and a Clinical Supervisor?

As a LAS doctor you would not have an Educational Supervisor allocated to you by Medical Education. You should have a Clinical Supervisor and your department should tell you who this will be. It is advisable to arrange to meet with your Clinical Supervisor to discuss completion of your paper portfolio. You will have an allocated appraiser too – please see the revalidation section on this webpage for further information on this.

Will my paper portfolio be “signed off”?

Throughout your time in post your Clinical Supervisor will check and complete forms in your paper portfolio. Our Foundation Leads (Mr Williams and Dr Rahmani) are also happy to meet with you to look at your paper portfolio. If you would like to arrange this please contact Anita or Becky.

At the end of your time in post the Foundation Leads can meet with you to check your paper portfolio. If they feel that enough evidence is presented then they will usually provide a local document  to confirm your experience and competencies covered.

If you would like the Foundation Leads to do this for you – please can we ask that you provide Anita and Harriet with photocopies of any SLEs and supervisor forms as they are completed.

What is Revalidation and who do I contact?

Revalidation is a review process and is how licensed doctors demonstrate that they are up to date and fit to practise and that they continue to meet the professional standards set by the GMC through annual appraisals. Annual appraisals are a GMC requirement and it is each doctor’s responsibility to ensure they are undertaken to be able to keep your licence to practise.

The revalidation team offer support and training for appraisals and revalidation to help you get the best you can from your appraisal.

Please contact the Revalidation Team within your first month in the Trust to register for your annual appraisal and for further information. Welcome emails will be sent to your email address.


Revalidation Office, 1st Floor, Duncan House, Eastbourne DGH – Telephone: EDGH (13) 6253 Revalidation Desk, C/O Medical Education Office, 1st Floor, Education Centre, Conquest Hospital – Telephone: Conquest (14) 8031

Can I complete elearning modules?

There are two main sites that the FY1s and FY2s in training use for elearning – these are and (referred to as SCRIPT). You should be able to register on both of these to complete modules.

Can I attend any teaching?

As long as there is space in the room you are welcome to attend the FY1 and/or FY2 teaching on each site. Anita and Harriett can provide you with dates/times/topics. If you would like to receive email/text updates please provide Anita and Harriet with your email address and mobile telephone number.

If you add your name to the register of the sessions that you attend then your attendance will be centrally recorded.

Your department should also have their own regular teaching – please ask your clinical supervisor. Grand Round sessions take place on each site too.

Can I attend ILS and / or ALS Courses?

You will need to contact the Resuscitation team directly if you wish to book onto any of their course. Please call ext 3797 at Eastbourne DGH to enquire.

As a LAS doctor you would not be able to access any study leave funding via Medical Education – please speak to your department administrator to apply for leave/funding.

Can I attend Foundation Simulation Training?

Simulation sessions are scheduled for the foundation doctors in training posts throughout the year. If we have spaces available you will be welcome to attend, but we do have to give priority to those in training posts. Please contact Anita and Becky to enquire.

Can I take Study Leave and receive funding?

Medical Education only receive study leave funding for doctors in training. Therefore you should not apply to Medical Education for study leave. Please discuss any study leave you wish to take with your supervising Consultant and departmental administrator. Your department may be able to provide funding or seek funding from Learning and Development.

This is my first job in the UK/NHS – what local support is available?

We offer Cultural Support Workshops to all junior doctors on “Customs and Social Practices”, “UK Life and Culture/Communication Skills” and “Reading, Writing and Speaking/Ongoing Support”. For further details and/or to book please contact Allison Duggan on

What careers support is available?

Careers support is in place for all doctors in training, but this can also be accessed by LAS doctors. Please see details on our website at

Mentoring Scheme Pilot

From August 2017 we will be piloting a scheme whereby SAS Doctors will mentor LAS Doctors within ESHT. The Scheme is being led by our SAS leads, Mr Adeel Khan (Conquest) and Dr Aktham Nahhas (Eastbourne DGH). If you would like to be allocated an SAS Doctor as your mentor please contact Catherine Stringer on

Please also remember to check the Medical Education noticeboards in the Education Centres on both sites. Any queries contact Anita or Harriet.

Any queries relating to your contract, pay, working hours, rota etc should be directed to your department administrator and/or Medical HR.